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"Artists share one thing in common - we need to create, it is not a choice. "

"Staying quiet to let yourself go wherever the art takes you is the challenge. It then, naturally, becomes a reflection of ourselves as people and the spirits that surround us." 


 Current, GALLERIA - 5247 N Clark - 3rd Floor

State of Illinois Building

Phylis Kind Galleries Chicago

 Chicago Field Museum (Mural on Concrete "Tree of Life")

(+) Other Street fairs, Restaurants, etc...

DoubleTree Hilton - Skokie, IL (12 months , 24 piece show)
Wicker Park Art Festival - Chicago
 Glenwood Art Festival - Chicago
Taste of Randolph Street- Chicago
Skokie Art Festival - Chicago
Chicago Fine Art, Ltd.
7013 Studio - Chicago

Around the Coyote - Chicago
Gethsemane Art Fair - Chicago

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